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About us


Our company was founded in 1968 as "DSM-11"  (Specializing in Mechanics Department), then in 1995 became a private company under the name  "Dimecon 11"main activity is the          provision of services with cranes and transport     oversized and heavy loads.


Currently, the company "Dimecon 11" provides a wide range of services related to cranes,which also include:


  • tower crane services, and self-propelled
  •  transportation of cranes, oversized and heavy loads 
  • mounting-dismantle
  • periodic technical testing with standard tasks  
  • regular technical maintenance and repair 
  • repair hydraulic systems 

Details of services you can find on the website given access to the main menu the "SERVICES".

Besides the services listed above, "Dimecon 11"make to order devices for suspension and pregnancy handling, sleepersmake steel cables,accessories of  devices for suspension and  handling pregnancy, second hand crane,spare parts for cranes (for details click  the button "SALES" on the main menu)

We have one of the most modern parks of cranes in the country,which includes  European types of cranes as: POTAIN, CADILLON, Irma Tavares, COMANSA, GROVE GMK and Soviet production cranes.

 the modern cranes of our park have the following performances: 

  • Lifting capacity  Q = 8 t (tower cranes)

                                              Q=100 t (auto cranes)

  •  Lifting height      H>100 m (tower cranes)

                                              H = 69 m (auto cranes)

  • Opening arm       R = 60 m (tower cranes)

                                              R = 46 m (auto cranes)

We are proud and we estimate the fair value of partnership relations with our customers








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